Blooms & Buttons

Among many activities and hobbies that I have in my life, there is one in particular that stands above the rest. I am the owner and creator of Blooms & Buttons--I make and sell 100% handmade, recycled material rings to Deconstructed Living, in Wayne, PA. The idea for the rings came to me about two years ago--I was sitting at my desk one day, with a spool of wire and a paper puncher. I began winding the wire around my finger, and punched some flowers out of colorful paper, and *boom*, I had made my first ring. Later, I refined the way I made the rings, and added tulle and pearls and other fancy things. If you have any questions about them or wish to order one, you can reach me by my email on my "about me" page.

Also, if you want to get one from the store in Wayne, Deconstructed Living is a really cool place. Stop in and just look around. 

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