Sunday, August 18, 2013

Marina & The Diamonds Makeup Tutorial

Good afternoon lovely followers! In honor of the last Electra Heart video (for all of my Marina fans out there) I made a Marina & The Diamonds makeup tutorial. Even if you're not a Marina fan, this makeup look is fun and easy to do. This can be done with basic supplies in your own makeup drawer. Feel free to email me or comment on the video with suggestions for future videos!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pantone Colors Fall 2013

I'm usually one to post about clothing for the upcoming season the moment Vogue's fall edition (all glorious 400-something pages of it) hit my doorstep. Back in February, Pantone announced fall 2013's trendy colors, and now all of the major designers have taken the hint and have begun to work the colors into their collections. I'm going to put some outfits together using Pantone's colors from their official website. 


A deep, jewel-tone green hit the runways from dozens of designers for this upcoming fall. The best way to transition this rich hue is to wear simple shapes and to keep accessories minimal and neutral. Gold looks best when paired with emerald.


Mykonos blue is light and airy, and is basically a neutral when it comes to pairings. Mix it up as a main article or accessory: either way this color is sure to catch people's eyes.


Remember that crayon you had but never really used in your Crayola 24-pack? That strange mix between yellow and green is popping up on runways everywhere. It's a difficult color to pair with other brights, so keep other items in the black/navy area.


Every fashionista knows that purple is so in this year. Specifically, "Acai", a deep yet bright jewel tone that is either pass or fail when it comes to an outfit. When pairing it with other colors, think turquoise and gray--they complement the bright purple quite nicely.


This fall is hot, hot, hot! Well, at least the color Samba is. This fiery hue is best used in moderation, but can be very hip when used correctly. Channel your inner RED Valentino designer, and pair this color with black, gray, white, and leopard print. Staying with these guidelines still gives you plenty of freedom to play around with different textures. Be daring!


The name gives it away--this color is literally the same shade as a koi fish. Thankfully, Japanese artists have been using koi fish in their art for thousands of years. This can be an inspiration when it comes to making an outfit. Keep in mind the colors that artists use in their koi paintings: deep blues, sea-foam greens, white, and occasionally red.


Almost a Hunter Green (but less brown), Deep Lichen Green is basically a new neutral. Pair it with gold and brown accessories. Also, this color is far from dainty. Toughen it up with textures fabrics and unexpected leather details.


Who says autumn is all about jewel tones and neutrals? Be bold and add a splash of this magenta hue to a party outfit for a little extra oomph.


Not quite gray, not quite blue. However, it can be used as either. Orange and gold both go nicely with this color, because it balances out the neutral side of Turbulence. Pastel pinks and nudes also make this heavy color very dainty and delicate.


Brown with undertones of green mixed in, Carafe is another edgy neutral to try this year. It looks great in jackets, boots, and purses. Be careful not to go overboard with this color--too much will make your outfit seem drab and monotonous.

~~For any additional information on individual items, visit my Polyvore!~~

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Champagne Taste On A Coca-Cola Budget

My mother always told me, "In your wardrobe, it's better to have a few high quality items than a lot of junk". I always keep this in mind, especially when it comes to my every day style. I'll have to admit, a lot of my clothes (usually basics, like jeans and solid t-shirts) are from lower-end stores (like Forever 21 and Old Navy, even), but the rest are higher-quality statement pieces, usually having a name brand of some sort. The trick is knowing how to mix your lower-end basics with higher-end pieces so your entire outfit looks put together and fashionable. Most of the time, you can find popular styles for less if you keep your eye out for brands that like to borrow style ideas from other companies. (In no way do I encourage buying fake designer items such as handbags--to me, it's stealing. It's better to go without the item than to steal a designer's original idea that someone ripped off). I'm going to show you some designer articles of clothing that are similar in style with the less-expensive versions that are easier on your wallet.

The Graphic Floral Bag

 The Funky Clutch

The Silky Scarf

The Colorful Heel

The Chunky Heel

The Metallic Floral Skirt

The Side Detail Sunglasses

The Tweed Decorative Jacket

Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Make Two-Tone Nails

Nail art is a big thing now, and I've recently been looking at some tutorials to get my own ideas about nail art. Today, I'm going to show you a very easy design for the inner artist in everyone.

1. Get your supplies. I am using 2 Sonia Kashuk polishes/brushes, and a Sally Hanson professional nail file.

2. File your nails into a squared-oval shape. This means the sides are round, but the top is flat.

3. Choose your base color. I am using Navy Blue as my base.

4. Paint two layers of the polish on all of your nails. 

5. Using the other color you have chosen, paint a diagonal stripe on your nails, all going in the same direction. 

6. Fill in half of your nail with the other color, using the line as your diving point. You may need to do a few layers of the second color so it is completely opaque.

7. Let your nails dry, and... ta-da! A simple nail design that can be done with any color, very quickly, for any occasion.

Ask Ali #1

You asked... I delivered! My inbox was full with your beauty inquiries, so I've chosen a few to answer in this video. Feel free to ask me things on my email (there's a link to it on the side), I'll be sure to answer!

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Wait Is Over!

Wow, this has been a longer hiatus than I anticipated! I miss blogging, and since summer is now here, I will be posting on here (along with my Polyvore, Pinterest, and Youtube channel) very frequently.

To kick off the start of my new blogging spree, I made an awesome video. It consists of three tutorials, each with three components (hair, makeup, and an outfit). Although it may look lengthy, it's really not. Check it out, and please feel free to email me or comment any suggestions for future videos or feedback on current ones.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Trend Report: Florals

I absolutely love waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping; in my area, both birds and trees line the streets. The only thing I love a little more than the birds is the tree that resides directly outside of my bedroom: every spring it blossoms with tiny pink and white flowers, and sometimes the rain makes the flowers stick onto my window. This past weekend, stuck in bed with illness, I was desperate for entertainment. Some of the flowers were attached to the glass of the window, creating kaleidoscope-like patterns on the glass.  I immediately grabbed my computer and began to put together outfits inspired by the abstract floral print. Today, I'm going to show you how any plant, not just flowers, can be turned into a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

Although Easter is behind us, this floral dress is perfect for anything from a wedding to a fancy dinner. Keeping the shoes plain and simple (and keeping accessories to a minimum) makes the dress really stand out. Pastels are always in style, and with the recent trend of landscapes as statement pieces, this dress is sure to snag a few complements.

Why hello, DEER. Yes, deer. This beyond-adorable shirt features flowers and deer, and makes any time feel like spring time. Paired with crisp hunter-green pants and funky golden sandals, an outfit like this is perfect for a day out with the girls, a tour of the city, or even for a family get-together.

Who says flowers have to be all pastel and girly? Toughen up your petals with bold prints, such as this dress. Paired with ├╝ber-mod black flatforms and a chunky plastic bangle in an equally bold print, all eyes will be on your abstract garden of an outfit.

Florals can be in places other than shirts and dresses. Turn your feet into eye-candy with ultra sweet, ladylike flats such as these. The pointed toe actually makes your feet look very dainty, and the watercolor flower print is perfect for the spring and summer. Metallic shorts in blush plus a solid white tee make for the perfect outfit for a concert, picnic, school, or time with your friends.

If you're new to the whole "mixing patterns" thing, I suggest starting with the never-failing combination of a floral print and bold black and white stripes. My inspiration for this outfit was Balenciaga's newest perfume, Florabotanica. The bottle is composed of bold stripes and splashes of bright colorful florals. Banana-colored heels bring out the yellow in the dress, as well as the blue clutch does. 

(All of the articles of clothing, along with their prices, can be found here. Thanks for reading!)