Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Make Two-Tone Nails

Nail art is a big thing now, and I've recently been looking at some tutorials to get my own ideas about nail art. Today, I'm going to show you a very easy design for the inner artist in everyone.

1. Get your supplies. I am using 2 Sonia Kashuk polishes/brushes, and a Sally Hanson professional nail file.

2. File your nails into a squared-oval shape. This means the sides are round, but the top is flat.

3. Choose your base color. I am using Navy Blue as my base.

4. Paint two layers of the polish on all of your nails. 

5. Using the other color you have chosen, paint a diagonal stripe on your nails, all going in the same direction. 

6. Fill in half of your nail with the other color, using the line as your diving point. You may need to do a few layers of the second color so it is completely opaque.

7. Let your nails dry, and... ta-da! A simple nail design that can be done with any color, very quickly, for any occasion.

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