Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY Flower Crown

Loved by fashion and music icon Lana Del Rey, flower crowns are an artsy addition to any accessory collection. You could go out and spend anywhere from $20-$40 on one, but hey, why not make one yourself? They're cute, easy, and totally fabulous.

  • Glue gun
  • Felt sheets
  • Wire (craft wire works best,) OR a wide headband
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Fake flowers in your choice of colors


  1. Wrap the wire around your head with enough space to tie it at the bottom. If you're using a headband, you can skip this step. 
  2. Cut out felt sheets smaller than the base of the flowers. The purpose of this is to hide unsightly plastic flower parts and to add an aesthetic appeal to your crown. You may want to make different sized circles to match your flowers--and it's okay if the circles are off a little, no one's really going to see them once the crown is on.
  3. Take a piece of felt and place it under the base of the flower, covering the bottom of the flower with felt. Hot glue it to make it stay in place.
  4. Take the first flower of your choice and hot glue the felt piece under the wire, with the flower on top, sandwiching the wire in between the flower base and the felt. This creates a sturdy foundation for the flowers, and holds them onto the wire. 
  5. Continue doing steps 3-4 until you've put as many flowers on your crown as you wish. Remove the excess glue strands and let it dry for a few minutes.
  6. Rock your Lana-esque headband with confidence!

I've included some helpful pictures if you need a visual. 
(pictures created by me on Polyvore)


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