Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spring 2013--Color Trends

It's January--that means it's time for fuzzy socks, hot chocolate, and if you're like me, it's time to prepare your spring wardrobe. Pantone has recently announced spring's hot colors, which include emerald green, poppy red, and lemon zest, just to name a few. I've put together a few outfits based on spring 2013's newest color trends. (You can read more about the colors here).


A universal neutral, this lighter-than-tan, springy alternative to khaki goes with everything. It looks amazing paired with neons, other neutrals, and just about everything in between. A plus side of having a color as basic as this is that the shape and style of the clothing can be a little more spontaneous.


A little darker than lavender, this color, like emerald, can be worn very girly, or very edgy. Since it is a soft color, don't be afraid to be more adventurous with your outfit.


Ahh, the ocean. Well, almost. Monaco blue is almost like the deep, dark blue of the depths of the ocean. It goes nicely with blue's general complements (yellow and orange), and also unexpected ones, like bubblegum pink and teal. Wear it as a base for an outfit or tie a Monaco blue scarf around the waist of a plain tan dress.


Super modern and chic, poppy red is a great basic to build an outfit around. Black and white make poppy red look ultra-fab.


Talk about electric! This shocking shade of citrus is sure to brighten up a night out or a rainy spring day. It looks great with floral patterns, and also with minty shades of green. It looks good in solids or in patterns--have fun with this easy color.


Perfectly fresh for maxi dresses and patterns, dusk blue could be considered a "neutral" when paired with other colors. It works with everything from electric yellow to plum. 


A royal color that can be very ladylike, or super edgy. This color can work in large or small amounts, and is a great way to transition winter's "mixing greens" trend into spring.


A very bright, unexpected color--this makes for wonderful patterns on basic articles of clothing, as well as accessories. It goes nicely with royal blue and white.


Hello neon! This bright color will surely add a pop of yellow into any outfit. It looks best with royal blue and graphic black-and-white patterns. Many stars have been seen on the red carpet sporting lemon-colored gowns, but they do it wisely. When choosing such a bright color, keep the design of the dress simple and flattering to your body type. Avoid ruffles, rhinestones, or funky waistline--it'll end up being too busy.


This soft color is lovely with cream and white. It goes nicely with textured things, such as lace, tulle, and studs. Pairing it with white and cream makes it seem almost dream-like and beautiful.

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