Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's Old is New Again

It seems like that groundhog was right: spring is coming upon us very quickly, and is ressurecting some old styles. This spring, stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters have brought back some styles that haven't been with us for a long, long time. High waisted shorts, ruffled socks, Spandex cropped tee shirts, onesies, and even scrunchies are finding their way back into trendy girls' closets (some things, like the cornrows, butterfly clips, and overalls, should stay in the 90's, though). I'm going to show you some ways to channel your inner "Saved By the Bell"--it's 2013, but we're bringing the 90's back.

The Colorblock Jacket

Will Smith really knew what he was doing when he rocked a colorblocked ski jacket on multiple occasions. Well, maybe he didn't know what he was doing, but he influenced modern style on recent runways. Nowadays, the colorblocked jacket is worn with anything from glamorous pants to flatforms.

Patterned Flowy Pants

I'm in the costume crew for my school's musical, and I have seen some horrendous yet fabulous articles of clothing. One of these was a pair of gold and black patterned pants, which were open and flowing at the bottom, but tight up top. I spent hours debating with myself if I liked them or not, and I came to the conclusion that they were so 90's. Paired with the right shirt and shoes, a pair of these pants is flattering on everyone, and come is every color and pattern imaginable (and I'm not joking, either). Since the pants are flowy, they look their best when paired with a fitted tee shirt.

High Waisted Shorts

Not only do they flatter anyone's figure, they're super cute. Nowadays, we see them in every style, from acid-washed to studded. Pair them with a crop top or shirt tucked in--if you let something go over the front, it'll look like you're wearing just wearing underwear.


Keds are probably the simplest of all the sneakers that exist today, but that isn't always a bad thing. Scrunch down your socks or buy ruffled ones (like these from American Apparel, or these from TopShop). The best part about Keds is that they're made of canvas: easy to clean, easy on your feet, and easy... to paint? Indeed, some people bring out their inner Van Gogh and paint your sneakers with a modern Starry Night, or dip-dye white keys into colored dye. So artsy.


When I was little, my grandmother used to let me pick out a scrunchie to wear whenever I went to her house (needless to say, I wanted to go over there quite often... she must have had 400+ scrunchies). They look best when slid over a sleek, high ponytail, and worn with something somewhat casual. My personal favorite from my tiny collection is one that my mom got me last year, during lacrosse season (it is my school's colors with little lacrosse sticks/bows on it). For an idea on how to wear one, click here.

The Crop Top

Oh, how scandalous! Showing a little midriff is no biggie when a crop top is worn correctly. Since it is a simple article of clothing, it is easy to pair with other things. A tip to keep in mind: the higher the  bottom of the shirt, the higher your bottoms are.

Blunt Bangs

Bangs have literally taken over the style world in the past two years or so. Danielle Fishel rocked them in the 90's, and now stars like Nicole Richie and Taylor Swift have lashed their locks for blunt bangs. Heart-shaped faces generally look the best with this hairstyle.

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