Friday, November 16, 2012

Girly versus Edgy--How Collars Can Influence Outfits

This season's trends are amazing--especially the collars. The best thing about collars is that they can be worn in a million different ways. Some people choose to follow winter's "vampy" trend: dark, intense makeup to match equally dark and marvelous outfits. Others choose the opposite route: the fun, pastel, girly trends with pleated skirts and candy-colored sweaters. Whichever option you choose, each one can incorporate this season's trends--you don't have to sacrifice your pearls for studs...why not have both? 

Collars are very in this season--even if you don't follow trends, they're a nice accessory to own. Pearl or lace collars can be layered over comfy sweaters or flirty dresses. Studded collars can be used to add a little oomph to that dress that feels like it's missing something, no matter how big your statement ring is. 

Each style has its own makeup style, of course. Pairing a heavy smoky eye with light colors and flirty florals is probably a don't. For lighter styles, try sticking to colors within the same color family as your outfit, or try a shimmery pearl or light metallic. For darker outfits, it's okay to go a little bit more edgy. Try highlighting one feature that you would like to focus on--either intense eyes or statement lips; doing both might be distracting from your fabulous outfit.

This winter, will you be a punky princess, or a flirty fashionista? Talk to me either through e-mail (found on my "About Me" page) or directly through the comments. I want to hear what you have to say!

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