Friday, February 1, 2013

14 Cute Valentine's Day Outfits

Ahh, Valentine's Day. What is there not to like about it? Stuffed bears, boxes of chocolate, and it's the perfect time to pull out your most fun and flirty outfits. I've put together some cute ideas for this special occasion, whether you're spending it with your friends or that one special person. For a description and list of all items used, just click here.

This outfit is perfect for a day in the office--the heart sweater brings both warmth and cuteness to the outfit (and you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve!), and the sparkly skirt is fun but very appropriate. Simple pearl-colored shoes and a turquoise structured purse tie the outfit together.

The perfect outfit for a picnic, walk in the park, or anything outdoorsy, this outfit is both playful and stylish. The sweater is oh-so-perfect for the occasion, and the color goes with everything, like this fabulous blue polka dot skirt. Finish off your look with tan and white brogues--they're classy and totally easy to walk around in.

Who says Valentine's Day has to be pink, red, and white? Freshen up your look with minty green and peach--it's fabulous, and perfect for a coffee date or for school.

Remember in elementary school when you would get the little cards that said "You're the cat's meow!", or something like that? Well, this shirt is that card, all grown up. If you're thinking of going to a concert on Valentine's Day, this is an awesome outfit for one.

For whatever reason, my sister always insists on eating those chalky heart candies with messages like "be mine" and "hot stuff" on them. Personally, I think they look much better in the box, or on a skirt like this one. This outfit would be cute for a themed party, like a secret Valentine party. Hey, who ever said you can't wear your candy?

Some people like to take it easy on Valentine's day by going out to see a movie. I was inspired by the zombie-story-meets-love-story, "Warm Bodies". Channel your inner movie-goer and go for a more edgy look if you're planning on falling in love with a zombie. This outfit takes my inspiration from the movie, and adds a cute, romantic twist. 

Despite what many people may have told you before, red and pink CAN mix--it just has to be done right. This outfit can be worn everywhere, and is a perfect transition from a day at work or school, to a night out.

If you plan on going somewhere fancy this lovely February 14th, may I suggest this dashing outfit? Mixing metals are cool when it's not in your face mixing. It's perfect for the red carpet. Or the carpet in your hallway, pretending it's the red carpet.

One of the most romantic, feminine colors out there has to be peach--it's not pink, it's not nude, it's in the middle and it's perfect for any time of the year. It looks nice in every fabric, like this leather punchout skirt over a silky top. Edgy doesn't have to be black--and it's still appropriate enough for a night out, or a rom-com with the girls.

Perfect for the occasion, a trip to the UPS store should always be done in style! Probably the best for little errands or meeting up with some friends, this outfit is very festive with a graphic print lips shirt, oxblood jeans, and metallic purse. You'll kiss everything on your to-do list goodbye.

One can always rely on Topshop to come up with the most creative and quirky things. What better to dress in for Valentine's Day, then a dress with hearts on it? Nothing gets better than that.

Some people just want to stay home and curl up by the fire with a nice love story. You probably won't want to wear stilettos and a skirt when at home, but looking cute can still be possible. I love infinity scarves, and J. Crew's are the definition of the perfect infinity scarf. Red lip gloss can be so subtle, but make a statement at the same time. This outfit is good for a day at home--it's cozy, chic, and functional all at the same time.

The cat shoes are so purrfect, and the red sweater is sweet. Spikes are so cool. This is tough lovin' here. 

When you're going to sleep at night, who says you have to be boring? For Valentine's Day, try some cute, festive pajamas, like these ones. Sweet dreams!

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