Sunday, February 3, 2013

Book Smart, Style Smart: Alice in Wonderland

I'm pretty sure we all know the story of Alice in Wonderland: a girl named Alice is lured into a mysterious town underground, where she meets numerous quirky characters, has a tea party, and manages to play some cards along the way. Today, I've put together a few fun outfits based on this greatly loved childhood story.

Into the Rabbit Hole

Alice's style depicted in the Disney adaptation is the one I'm sure everyone knows: blue dress, white apron, black Mary Janes. So, why not make that outfit wearable? This version makes Alice's outfit come to life--and in a very cute way.

Shirt: Jil Sander, $420
Skirt:, $32
Shoes: Forever 21, $30
Necklace:, $19

We're Late, We're Late, For a Very Important Date

Not everything in books has to be goofy and over the top. For instance, a rabbit with a pocketwatch was the inspiration for this pretty, stylish outfit.

Blazer: A. F. VANDERFORST Blazer, $720
Pants:, $220
Necklace:, $20
Shoes: L.A.M.B., $195

No Need to Get Catty

The Cheshire cat was always a mystery to me. How could he be in a tree one second, and be gone the next? Bring out your inner cattiness with a pink striped sweater, purple pants, and killer kicks. 

Sweater: Christopher Kane, $855
Pants: Prada, $395
Shoes: YSL, $600

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